Design Rose Garden


Companion Plants For Roses

Design rose garden takes a bit of planning for it to turn out well.

It's actually very similar to decorating a room in your house. You should apply the same principles when designing your flower garden with roses.

For example, choose companion flowers for roses and color combinations that are pleasing and that you like.

To create a focal point, use a larger very spectacular rose as your focal point, and build your colors around this rose.

Be careful and do not mix too many flower colors together. As with interior decorating, limit yourself to 3, maximum 4 colors in one garden bed or display.

In order to make an attractive display or arrangement of flowers consider good color combinations, shapes and textures.

mozart roses in a summer garden

'Mozart' roses in a summer garden

When planning a rose garden, you would want to incorporate other plant varieties that compliment and help enhance the beauty of your roses.

Whether you are planting an informal cottage garden, or a more formal garden, you will find that, creative companion flowers for roses, will add a lot of interest and charm to your garden.

a perennial border with roses

Red Tulips, Bleeding hearts and climbing, yellow 'Rosa Xanthina Lindleyii' in a lovely mixed border

There are a lot of plants that are very compatible with roses.

Here are some of my favorite flowers to plant with roses:

Clematis, Foxgloves, Delphiniums, Lupins, Licorice Plant, Hardy Geraniums, Self-Seeding Violas, Deadnettles, Lady's Mantle, Cosmos, Santolinas, Lavenders, Spring Bulbs, Catmint, Peony, Campanula, Penstemon, and Chrysanthemums.

All of these pretty flowers look wonderful in a garden bed with roses.

graham  thomas roses with campanulas

'Graham Thomas' roses and blue Campanulas

When planning a design rose garden, be sure to make the roses your focal point. The larger roses go in the back of the border and the shorter rose varieties go toward the front.

Perennial plants that are allowed to grow through and under your roses, add contrast and color, as well as hiding the lower bare stems of roses, that never look that good.

Spiky foxgloves are charming when they poke through shrub roses, and delphiniums add a similar contrast.

Plants with gray foilage are especially beautiful as they make the rose blooms stand out.

Hardy geraniums combine well with roses as do self-seeding violas, lady's mantle, cosmos and deadnettles; all are self-seeding.

French lavender and herbs, such as thyme attract beneficial insects, so be sure to plant some of these with your roses.

rose morgenrot

The red Rose 'Morgenrot' and the white Clematis 'Montana Wilsonii' make a stunning flower display

Roses associate well with other roses and can be interplanted to create stunning displays.

Try weaving climbing roses and rambler roses together for a charming effect on arches.

Clematis and climbing roses are especially beautiful together. Choose a clematis with a color that

compliments the color of the rose. For example, a medium pink rose looks absolutely fabulous with a blue clematis.

Just think of colors that generally go together, and apply it to your rose and flower garden.

Designing a creative and colorful design rose garden is a lot of fun and will definitely make your garden very beautiful.



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