Designs For Garden Flower Beds

designs for garden flower beds

Flower Garden Borders

Designs for garden flower beds should always include lots of roses. A traditional way when designing flower beds and an effective use of garden roses, is to plant them in borders, mixing them with small flowering trees,shrubs ,perennials and annuals.

designs for garden flower beds

When I saw this very simple, and yet so effective, and attractive curb side creative flower bed, I was so impressed that I had to take a picture.

Here are only two plant varieties: spiky pink gladiolas a newly planted red knockout roses are repeated in this very charming and simple flower bed that is very easy to for anyone to plant in their own garden.

When designing flower garden borders of this sort, try to group the roses together in a block of three's of the same variety, since that gives them more visual impact and it's a lot prettier than planting a series of single specimen roses.

designs for garden flower beds

Here is a beautifully planted flower bed with roses and perennials.

The garden flower bed in the picture above, the white Bolero rose really plays up the pink and burgundy colors including a Love and Peace rose off to the right.

The tall spiky perennial in burgundy and pink are Foxgloves. Blue Bearded Irises are planted in between the 'Bolero' and the 'Love and Peace'.

Rose garden roses should include shrubby upright growing rose varieties such as Teas, Bourbons,Polyanthas, Chinas and modern shrub roses, floribundas and hybrid tea roses.

By carefully combining these roses with ornamental plants, you can achieve striking combinations that produce color all year.

Ideas For A Flower Rose Garden

designs for garden flower beds

The picture of the garden above,is a lovely example of designs for garden flower beds with roses. It's quite enchanting I think. It is one of my neighbors garden, so I get to enjoy this beautiful garden often.

Here the white Iceberg roses are planted with the orange Tropicana rose and the pink Bonica rose. The roses are underplanted with perennial creeping Thyme (great for keeping the weeds out), and the self-seeding annuals Alyssom and Lobelia.


Garden Bed With English Roses

garden bed with english roses

Here are more ideas for designs for garden flower beds. I just love this planting combination. The "Golden Celebration' rose, an English rose by David Austin, is surrounded by purple sage and a a'Rose of Sharon' shrub. The bed is edged with low growing shrubs.


Ideas For A Flower Border Along A Front Walkway

planting ideas for a front walkway

What a welcoming touch for a front walkway. Here six white Iceberg tree roses, underplanted with small perennials and annuals, line this paved walkway, giving this house great curb appeal and charm. Great Idea!


The 'Midas Touch' Rose With Companion Plants

midas touch rose with companion plants

In the flower border above, the 'Midas Touch' golden rose hold center stage while surrounded with white Iceberg roses and the apricot-pink 'Just Joey' rose. The companion plants are irises, red snapdragons, violas, pansies and other small annuals.


A Magnificent Flower Border

rose garden border

What a magnifient rose garden border. Here are yellow 'Gold Medal' roses with orange 'Tropicana roses and pink 'Bonica' roses and at the far end the climbing pink Zepherine Drouhin rose with more pink 'Bonica roses in front.

For a finished look, the border is edged with dwarf English boxwood.

Designs for garden flower beds should always include edgings of some sort.

There are many types of edgings for flower beds. Flower edgings are easy and very affordable. You can also edge your beds with stone, brick or short compact shrubs such as the dwarf english boxwood.


All of these pictures of rose garden borders are terrific and great ideas and designs for garden flowers beds.

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