Perennial Dianthus Flowers

dianthus flowers

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Perennial Dianthus flowers, also called pinks, such as dianthus

caryophyllus, barbatus and armenia are usually available at garden centers or nurseries.

However, these long blooming Dianthus perennial flowers favorites listed here below, are sometimes hard to find.

But you can buy these Dianthus perennials here online.

Dianthus pinks are an old fashioned favorite for the cottage garden. I plant them in front of my roses for a very attractive flower bed edging.

The cheddar pink varieties, D. gratianopolitanus, available below, such as Tiny Rubies and Firewitch, are more tolerant of summer heat and humidity. Both are hardy to zone 3.

So if you do gardening in hot and humid climates, these are the Dianthus plants for you.

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dianthus firewitch
Dianthus Firewitch

dianthus rubys tuesday
Dianthus Rubys Tuesday

dianthus eastern star
Dianthus - Eastern Star

dianthus flowers
Dianthus - Heart Attack

dianthus flowers
Dianthus - Sangria Splash

dianthus flowers
Dianthus - Shooting Star

dianthus tiny rubies
Dianthus - Tiny Rubies

dianthus collection
Dianthus Collection # 66995

dianthus flowers
Dianthus Mix Caryophyllus # 07912

dianthus pixie star
Dianthus - Pixie Star

dianthus strawberry sorbet
Dianthus - Strawberry Sorbet

dianthus cranberry ice
Dianthus - Cranberry Ice

dianthus Fire Star
Dianthus - Fire Star

dianthus flowers
Autumn Dianthus Caryophyllis

dianthus flowers>
     <br><b><a href=Purple Dianthus Caryophyllus

Growing And Dianthus Care

Pinks do not tolerate soggy wet soil, or pH below 6. Well drained soil is a must.

They can take heat and drought, but not heat and high humidity.

Fertilize and water the plants well throughout the growing season for repeat bloom in summer and fall.

Regular deadheading will prolong flowering.

Prune, cut back foilage in early spring. leaving intact the leafy base of woody stems.

Divide plants every two to three years in early spring.


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