Different Type of Flowers

different type of flowers

All Kinds Of Garden Flowers

Spring - Summer - Fall

All kinds of different type of flowers, such as Dianthus flowers, Lily flowers, Daisy flowers, and perennial flowers to use as companion plants for roses.

Perennial flowers by season is important if you want a continous color show in your garden. Roses are the most long-blooming of all perennial flowers.

In gardens that use lots of perennial types of flowers, will have flowers that come back year after year.

Once you find the perfect types of flowers to plant among your roses, you will have many kinds of flowers that will make your garden of roses extra beautiful.

Make sure you only choose sunloving perennial flowers for your rose companions.

different type of flower

Perennial Type Flowers And Roses In My Backyard

All Types Of Flowers

different type of flowers

Lots Of Beautiful Dahlias

Dahlias make beautiful companion plants for roses. Carefully selected different type of flowers planted among your roses creates the sort of flowerbed borders that are exeptionally beautiful.

Types of Bulb Flowers

different type of flowers

Gorgeous Bulb Flowers in Spring Garden

I adore bulb flowers. They are often the first type of flowers to bloom in the spring. Popular bulb flowers for spring are tulips and daffodils.

For summer bulb flowers, I recommend the Asian lily flowers. They look wonderful planted with roses.

Types Of Dasy Flowers

different type of flowers

Different Color Gerbera Daisies In A Vase

Daisies are the perfect summer flower. There are many different types of daisies to choose from. They all look great when planted among roses. My favorites are the Gerbera Daisy and the Shasta Daisy.

Types Of Blue Flowers

different type of flowers

Beautiful Blue Salvia Flowers Planted With Pink Zinnias

Blue flowers are so popular, because they look fabulous with all kinds of pink flowers, and they also look smashing with\ white Iceberg roses and other white flowers.

I have a blue and white flower bed, and I also have a blue and pink flowerbed. Go ahead and create one of your own for your garden. You'll like it!

Different Types Of Lily Flowers

different type of flowers

Lots Of Beautiful Asian Lilies

My favorite type of lilies are the stately Asian lilies. They are so stunning and also very fragrant. My all time favorite Asian Lily is the Casa Blanca lily. But there are many kinds of lilies to choose from. Stargazer is another one I really like.

Types Of Annual Flowers

different type of flowers

Petunias Are Available In Many Colors

Annual flowers are fun for that extra splash of color, you like to tuck into a flower pot or a flowerbed. They put on a great summer show of colors, especially if you deadhead the spent blooms.

I really like petunias, Zinnias and the self seeding lobelias.

Types Of Summer Flowers

different type of flowers

Summer Blooming Black-eyed Susans And Purple Coneflowers

By early summer many gardens are bursting al kinds of different type of flowers such as roses, lilies and all sorts of summer-flowering perennials. My favorite summer flowers are Black-eyed Susan, Delphiniums, Coneflowers, Daisies, Foxgloves, Coral Bells, Lilies and Irises and, of course, all kinds of roses.

Be sure to include some late summer type flowers such as Yarrow, Hollyhocks, Asters and Chrysanthemums. And Daylilies are always dependable.

Plant A Variety Of Perennial Flowers

different type of flowers

Blue Delphiniums Are The Star In This Garden Bed

The best way to enjoy an unbroked sequence of different type flowers an blooms is to develop a full pallette of perennial colors.

Begin with plants that have staying power. Such as Foxgloves, Delphiniums, Yarrow, Daylily and similar tireless perennial type of flowers that come in a range of sizes and color.


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