Disease of Roses

by Karen
(Everett WA)

I took out a rose bush with powdery mildew. Could not control it. Can I plant another rose in the same spot? The roses are on the south side of the house. But I live in Washington state and it has been a wet spring. Ugh. Other roses okay. Been caring for roses a long time. Don't know about this though. Thank you.
Karen Lewis

Hi Karen,
If you want to plant another rose in the same spot, you need to remove all the soil there and put in new soil.
Also spray the soil with horticultural oil that will smother any lingering fungus spores like powdery mildew.
Buy some organic soil and compost for roses and use that to plant you new rose.
It will have all the nutrients your rose will need to get off to a good start.
Add some Epson salt to the soil. It's main ingredient is magnesium sulfate which roses and all plants love.
Water deeply so it reaches the feeder roots.
Best Regards,

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