Disease Resistant Roses

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For easy to grow roses, only choose disease resistant roses that are less enticing to disease and pests.

That way you can still enjoy growing roses without worrying too much about keeping rose diseases at bay.

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If you live where one or more rose diseases, such as black spot, powdery mildew, and rust, are common, you should plant disease resistant varieties.

Apart from practicing good rose gardening hygiene and choosing disease resistant plants, the best way to keep your roses from contracting diseases is to limit their exposure to things that spread them.

Diseases are spread by air, water and soil and also by insects.

I know you can't do much about the air, but you can help prevent water from splashing them, not rain of course, and you can also limit their exposure to the soil.

Diseases are also spread by direct contact with diseased plant material, so get rid of those things right away.

Applying a good layer of mulch prevents water from splashing onto rose plants from the soil during rain and irrigation infecting them with disease spores.

One of the most important things you can do to make caring for your roses as simple as possible is to spend time with them.

Taking a daily stroll through your garden lets you catch and correct problems quickly and easily.

Keep your garden clean. Good housekeeping makes rose gardening easier. Begin by removing weeds and plant debris that provide shelter for bugs and diseases.

Eliminate and destroy badly diseased and infested plants the minute you spot them and don't add them to the compost pile.

These Rose Bushes
Resist Disease

The Knockout rose is the first rose specifically bred for virtual immuntity to black spot, a fungal disease that plagues roses throughout North America.

The roses listed below are a selection of good roses for disease resistance per the American Rose Society which I am a member of.

So feel free to choose any of these wonderful rose varieties for your garden.

Bluberry Hill * Blushing Knockout * Bonica * Brite Eyes * Carefree Beauty * Carefree Wonder * Crimson Bouquet * Gemini * Gizmo * Gourmet Pocorn * Iceberg * Ingrid Bergman * Knockout * Livin' Easy * Marilyn Monroe * Moonstone * New Zealand * Pillow Fight * Pink Knockout * Playboy * Red Ribbons * Seafoam * Showbiz * The Fairy *

For pictures and a list of Jackson and Perkins disease resistant rose plants Click on their link to that page. I think you'll like what you see.


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