Don Juan or Altissimo???

QUESTION: I live on the Central Coast of California, about 5-10 miles inland, and am trying to choose between the above two varieties to climb up a south facing wall on a trellis. When the sun is out and hot, the heat collects against this wall because not only does it face south, it does so against a rising hill, which forms a nice pocket of heat against the house. On the other hand, Central Coast summers are at times notorious for gloomy, marine layer-dominated days as well, and may go for days with lots of moisture and little sun to dry things out. Which of these two climbers do you think will do best? One more thing to note: the spot where I will be planting is behind an outdoor kitchen bar, so I don't want something too thorny or unruly or hard to train. My husband wouldn't appreciate getting poked while he's bbqing! Thanks so much for your advice! ~Jenny
ANSWER: Hi Jenny!
Any one of those climbing roses, Altissimo and Don Juan climbing roses would be ok. They both have high ARS (American Rose Society) ratings.
But not all roses do well in all areas, so I recommend you contact your local Rose Society (Central Coast) and ask for advice.
Just do a Google Search for it. And use their contact phone number. The members there grow a lot of roses and are experts.
They will also help you with the best selection for a climbing rose that will thrive in your area.
Selecting the right rose for your area is super important.
Most roses are thorny though, except the Zephirine Drouhin rose.
However, there have been reports of mildew problems and it needs lots of air circulation to thrive. But it's practically thornless. Ask the your Rose Society about how this rose does in that your area.
Kind Regards,

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