Don Juan Rose Buds

by Jackie
(Ocala, Fl)

QUESTION: We have a Don Juan rose that is loaded with buds but they are not opening right.

They are very tight, don't open all the way & are black on the top of the bud.

What is wrong with them? Sure would appreciate your help.

ANSWER: Hi Jackie! Your Don Juan rose has been attacked by Rose Thrips.

Thrips are very tiny insects, related to spiders, that use their mouths to feed on plant fluid.

Thrips are especially damaging to rose buds and flowers.

A severe infestation can deform rose buds, or cause failure of the buds to open.

That's what's happening with your Don Juan rose.

Because thrips hide within the buds they are hard to treat.

Keep the area around your roses clean of weeds and tall grasses to reduce alternate thrip feediing.

Prune off and destroy thrip infested buds and flowers.

I recommend you spray with an insecticide labeled as a thrip control.

Spray the area around the plant also.

Be careful and protect yourself, and never spray on windy days, or during the day when the sun is up.

Follow the instructions on the packaging very carefully.
Best Regards,

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