Don Juan Roses Have Brown Dry Leaves

by Diane

Hi, and thanks for taking my question!
My Don Juans are gorgeous and have been in the ground about five years. In the last couple of weeks, some have developed brown, crispy ends, sometimes half of the leaf. What's wrong???
Thanks in advance for your sage advice,
Diane Lee

Hi Diane,
I think your Don Juan Roses are infested by spider mites.
(But be aware that lack of moisture to the feeder roots will also turn the leaves brown.)
Spider mites are super tiny insects that are barely visible to the naked eye.
The undersides of the leaves is where they hang out and suck the fluid from the rose leaves.
The result is that leaves turn brown and eventually fall off.
Take a piece of white paper, and hold it under an affected leaf.
Then tap the leaf sharply several times. Spider mites will appear as finely ground pepper, scampering across the paper.
This is the easiest and fasted way to confirm that the spider mites are the culprits.
The best way to control the spider mites population is to blast the undersides of the leaves with water, every morning.
You can also spray with neem oil, and insecticides.
Next dormant season, spray the bush and the soil with dormant oil. That will smother any overwintering spider mite eggs.
It's important to check your roses every day during the season.
And make it a habit of blasting the undersides of the foilage several times a week.
In spring, when new growth emerge, the aphids come a round.
Use the same water blasting techique to get rid of aphids, just hit the new buds and leaves with water from the garden nozzle.
Best Regards,

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