Double Delight Rose

Hybrid Tea 'Double Delight' Roses

Double delight rose, a beautiful hybrid tea rose, with the same maintenance as other hybrid teas.

Planting and care of this rose is not harder than any other rose.

You will love the fabulous rose fragrance, so wonderful!

The rose blooms are creamy white at first, with just a red tinge on the outer petals, but as they mature so do the extent of the red coloring, especially in hot climates.

The most delightful thing about Double Delight rose is it's startling contrast between the layers of the bright cherry red outer petals and the creamy white heart.

The flowers are large and usually come singly. though sometimes in two's and three's, on long sturdy, prickly stems.

double delight rose

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Mature Plant Height: 3.5 to 4 feet.

Bloom Size: 5.5 inches.

Bloom Time: all season.

Fragrance: spicy, strong.

Year Introduced: 1977.

Awards Won: AARS 1977, Gamble Fragrance Award 1986.

American Rose Society Rating: 8.3.

Hardiness Zones: 5-10.

The plant has large leaves and an upright habit, but it is more bushy and has a better shape than many hybrids.

The red coloring is created by the action of ultra-violet rays on the natural pigments in the petals.

This means that there are no two flowers alike, because the weather that causes the color changes is always changing.

'Double Delight' roses are one of the best known and most widely grown roses in the World.

People are so taken by the colors of these blooms, not to metion their fabulous rose fragrance.

The roses look wonderful in vases, so be sure to plant several of these beauties in your garden, so you will have plenty for cutting roses.

double delight

You need to plant at least three of these roses together, so you can have a large bouquets.

In fact planting three roses closely together to form one large bush, is actually much better than planting just one.

I am doing this more and more now, and my garden and flower beds look so much better for it.

Some rose bushes, such as 'Double Delight'. really benefit from more, to show off the beauty of their flowers, which this rose is so delightfully famous for.

The rose blooms are very fragrant with a scent that some refer to as either spicy or fruity.

The flowers repeat bloom from spring through fall.

Double Delight rose an excellent flowerbed plant that also looks lovely planted in a mixed border.

It has good disease resistance, except for cool damp climates, where it is susceptible to powdery mildew.

Be prepared to apply preventative sprays if this problem is common in your garden.

It does beautifully everywhere else.

double delight rose

The picture above shows Double Delight roses growing in my home garden.

The rose flowers look different in different climates zones, even in the same garden if grown in different locations.

I thought you like to have a look at some more pictures of this spectacular rose.

If you enjoy bringing flowers indoors, this rose deserves a place in your cutting garden.

A bouquet of these roses is absolutely stunning.

The amount of color that develops depends on the amount of sunlight and the age of the bloom.

Be sure to plant this rose in your sunniest spot.

The growth habit of this tea rose is upright and spreading.

There is a climbing variety, it has the same delightful coloring as the bush variety and flowers all summer.

It grows well on walls or fences when trained horizontally on wires, where it makes a spectacular show.

double delight rose

Rose Tips and Important Facts For Pruning

Regarding rose care and pruning, they are the same as for modern hybrid tea roses.

Pruning should be done in in late winter or early spring, depending on your areas climate.

Double Delight rose grows best in warmer mild climates.

Cut back the rose bush by one third, making all cuts on an angle.

Then remove all spindly canes and all canes that are growing in the wrong direction, as well as diseased wood.

Make these cuts as close to the base as possible.

Then trim to shape the bush so it looks attractive and it's growing the way you want it to.

Double Delight rose grows to an average height of 3-5 feet and a spread about 2-3 feet.

The bush grows the highest in warm or hot climates. Zones 6-10.


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