Double Delight Tree Rose in Phoenix AZ

by Ernie


Thank you for this beautfil is so informative and helpful.
I have a Double Delight Tree Rose I just planted in the Phoenix area. I have seen leaf cutter bees come and cut new leaves of my rose. Most everyone says to leave the bees alone but now all the new leaves on my new rose tree have been damaged. When do they stop doing this and should I continue to allow them to cut the leaves? Other new leaves have also turned dark red and seemed to have dried out. Not sure why?

Also, how much water should I provide my rose. I have provided about 2 to 3 inches of bark mulch on top of the soil. It seems to be okay right now as the temps are in the 90s. However, it will be over 100 degrees shortly. Should I water everyday and if so, how much?

Thank you so much for your time. I look forward and appreciate your response.

Hi Ernie,
The leaf cutter bees use the leaf cuttings to build their nests.
As soon as the nests are built they stop this activity.
I know this can be annoying, but it will not harm to rose bushes.
Leaf cutter bees are native to the Western part of the USA.
They are very important pollinators of native wild plants, so please do not spray and try to kill them.
The rose bush will grow more leaves, so the bush will look good again.

When you grow roses in Arizona you have to water, water and more water during the summer and the hot months.
That would mean even 2 times per day, morning and afternoon when it's very hot.
Lay the hose by the base and deep water with slow water for about 1/2 hour at a time.
best Regards,

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