Double Knockout Rose
Fungus Disease

by Marie Hayes
(Atlanta, GA)

QUESTION: We live in Atlanta, GA and have several red double knock out roses that have been productive and beautiful for the past 4 years.

This year we have had problems with a white fungus (mold) on several plants in the front yard (planters) and in the back with drying britttle type leaves that fall off.

I have tried using fungicide, seven dust, trimming to the point of almost destroying the knockout plants.

This temporarily helps, but returns 30-60 days later.

What should I do? should I get rid of the plants or is there something I can treat the plants/soil with? Thank you for your help Marie

ANSWER: Hi Marie,

Sorry to hear about your rose problems.

Certain years seems to produce more fungus disease on the roses for sure.

The double knockout roses are not as disease resistant as the original single red knockout, which never has any diseases at all in all kind of weather.
The newer varieties, such as the doubles are never quite as disease free.
Last year I had both blackspot and powdery mildew on my double red knockouts.
This year there is no disease at all. I think it's because I started using Bayer Advanced All-in-One Rose & Flower Care. There is No Spraying when using it.

You simply mix it with water and pour it around the rose bushes per directions 3 times during the season.

It takes care of insects, rose diseases, and rose food.

The trick is to give the first application after pruning and when the rose bush is just starting to leaf out.

You can buy the Bayer Advanced Rose Care on this page.

This product has gotten rave reviews, and I am raving about it also.

The fungus sprays you have been using needs to be repeated every 10 days to be effective.

The Bayer product is soo much easier, and it actually works.

I recommend you use it and also trim off the diseased foilage asap.

Next season should be better when you can start the Bayer program early.
Best Regards,

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