Double Knockout Rose

double knockout rose

Knock Out Roses

Double knockout rose is a newer variety of the knock out roses.

There are pink and red knockout roses of the new double variety.

These roses look different than the earlier knockouts that have single petals.

The rose flowers have a much fuller look and gardeners are very excited about these roses as they are more beautiful.

double knockout rose

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Knock out rose care is most likely the easiest of all rose care and maintenance, and I suspect that's why they are so wildly popular with landscapers and gardeners alike.

They are great landscape roses and better than some plain green shrub that won't do anything except sitting there being green all season.

Don't take this the wrong way, we still need other shrubs and tree's that forms the back bone of our gardens.

But for a splash of color and fragrance, roses can't be beat, especially the knock out roses.

double knockout rose

In the picture of this double red knockout you can easily see how it looks in a landscape or flower border. This rose have been growing in this spot for at least three years so it's an established rose, that has been allowed to grow to a natural size with just a small spring trimming and pruning.

Pruning Knockout Roses

Pruning knockout roses in spring involves trimming and shaping the rose bushes to your liking. Remove any broken or diseased wood, if you can find any. Deadheading these roses is not necessary unless you want to.

The flowers are self-cleaning, meaning they fall off on their own and don't require deadheading in order to re-bloom. They just keep blooming and blooming. You get the picture.

Knock Out Rose Care

Double knockout roses care is very minimal. Make sure the roses don't dry out between watering. Give the roses a feeding once a month; and if you don't they more than likely will keep on blooming anyway.

But if you really like an intense blooming show, go ahead and feed these roses.

These rose plants are very resistant to common rose diseases. In fact I have never seen any on my ten knockout rose bushes.

Buying Knock Out Roses

Lots of people ask 'Where can I buy Double Knockout rose'. Personally, I usually avoid discount roses as they are third grade quality and could end up in the trash next year.


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