Drift Roses
Drift Groundcover Roses

Drift roses the drift groundcover roses were voted "Louisiana Super Plant" for the fall of 2013.

They are perfect for the southern gardens because they tolerate the hot and humid weather and are very resistant to blackspot and powdery mildew.

Drift roses bloom from spring until the hard frost comes and are naturally carefree.

I like their compact growth habit which are great for the smaller garden.

Drifts are from the same company that brought you the Knock Out Series of roses.

Drifts don't need to be sprayed or fussed with.

Now you will have more time to hang out and have fun in your garden.

Drift roses are available in a range of colors, easy care drift roses make any garden more fun and beautiful.

Be sure to get some of these carefree roses for your own southern garden.

Plant them in a sunny spot where groundcovers are needed, such as along a driveway and close to swimmingpools.

The drift series is the result of crossing groundcover roses with miniatures.

They are virtually maintenance free, and offer a feminine, romantic look to your garden.

They are perfect for small gardens and cobination planters.

They will also brighten up borders, fill empty spaces, and spread gracefully around established plants.

Drift roses spread about 2-3 feet wide, so keep that in mind when planting them.

drift roses


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