Rose Easy Does It Rose

easy does it rose

Floribunda Rose Easy Does It

Growing information about the Easy Does It rose! I just love the 'Easy Does It floribunda rose.

I'am always on the lookout for an easy to grow floribunda rose with a rounded and compact shape.

And the rose Easy Doest It fits the bill, because it has those qualities.

It's such a beautiful rose bush to have in your garden

I absolutely love the very fragrant apricot mango orange peachy pink rose blooms, and so will you.

The rose flowers have charming ruffled edges which is very beautiful

The plant height is about three to four feet tall, which makes it easy to place in a garden.

It should be planted in full sun and in well-drained soil, for maximum flower production.

easy does it rose

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You'll like that it's very disease resistant. The foilage is gloosy green, which is typical of disease free rose bushes.

Plant it with some pale blue perennial flowers for a stunning color combination.


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