Easy Elegance Roses

easy elegance roses

Easy Elegance Roses collection is an easy to grow rose series. The 'Easy Elegance' rose collections give gardeners fragrant roses, beautiful elegant rose flowers and complete fuzz-free, easy rose care; roses you can plant and never have to worry about.

easy elegance roses

'Easy Elegance' Rose Collections

They are all naturally hardy and disease resistant, and has long-lasting blooms all season long.

These rose varieties come in a wide selection of colors, repeat blooms, flower forms and plant sizes.

Growing only to 2-3 feet tall they are compact rose bushes making them perfect for smaller gardens and container gardens.

When you consider their hardiness, resistance to pests and diseases, you have a gardeners dream rose.

These 'Easy Elegance' rose cultivars grow on their own roots, making them extra strong, as they will not develop root suckers, and they will bloom with abundance even in the most severe, cold climates.

Order These Easy To Grow Roses

Here is a list of the names of the 'Easy Elegance' rose collection. They are all available at my affiliate online rose nursey. The link to is below.

* All the Rage * Champange Wishes * Grandmas Blessing * High Voltage * Kashmir * Kiss Me * Little Mischief * Macy's Pride * My Girl * Mystic Fairy * Paint the Town * Snowdrift * Sunrise Sunset * Super Hero Rose * Sweet Fragrance * Yellow Brick Road * Yellow Submarine *

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Use the buying link to find the 'Easy Elegance' rose that you would like to grow in your garden.


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