Easy Going Rose Bush

easy going rose

Yellow Floribunda Rose 'Easy Going'

Easy Going rose, a lovely floribunda rose with very cheerful yellow rose flowers with just a hint of golden bronze.

Rose 'Easy Going' blooms are large and open to a cupped form, that are carried close to the foilage, but not concealed by it, in stiff, well spaced clusters of yellow rose blooms that show a bold display of color.

Easy Going's' rose petals are sort of wavy, and the rose flowers have a very lovely rose fragrance.

It's a sport of the 'Fellowship' rose, and it's exactly the same as its parents, except for its color.

Otherwise it has all the strenght of that excellent Floribunda, including thick petals, a sturdy growth habit, good health, and adaptability.

The blooms repeat quickly and well.

The canes are spiked with prickles, but aside from that it's one of the best Floribunda roses around.

easy going rose

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The first flowering is very abundant, and lots more roses appear through summer and fall.

Rose 'Easy Going' is great for being planted either in a flower bed by itself, or in a grouping with other perennials.

It would look spectacular with blue delphiniums, or purple flowers.

It's a vigorous, bushy plant of average height, and plentiful leaves that are dark green, glossy and healthy. Zones 6-9. About 3.5 feet high.


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