Easy To Grow Roses

easy to grow roses

Types Of Roses That Are 'Easy to Grow' And Maintain

Take a look at these easy to grow roses. If you have been looking for easy growing roses for beginners, and easy roses that require very little care and are low maintenace, you are in the right place.

All of these easy roses need only minimal care, to stay healthy and grow beautiful.

They are also great because of their adaptabilty, vigor, and disease resistance, so consider giving some of these roses a try.

These no fuss easy roses, or easy care roses, are suitable for many garden situations. Some are

perfect for arbors or trellises, some for hedges and others are great for your perennial flower garden.

Please, scroll down and enjoy the beautiful rose pictures with detailed information on shape, growth and flowering behavior.


Altissimo Rose

altissimo rose

The 'Altissimo' rose, is a single-flowered climbing rose. It's a large flowered climber with a long season of bright cherry-red blooms, each with a cluster of showy golden stamens.

There is very little fragrance, but the flowers are huge, up to 5 inches accross. The flowers appear in small clusters and repeat blooms in regular flushes throughout the season.

The bright red flowers make a stunning contrast to the large deep green leaves. This is a vigorous climber that reaches to about 10 feet in height. It is also a very easy to grow rose. Zones 5-9, height 10 feet.

easy to grow roses

Ballerina Rose

ballerina rose

The 'Ballerina' rose is a remarkable easy to grow rose, a hybrid musk , that offers good disease resistance. This rose has hundreds of small, single pink flowers, that reminds me of apple blossoms. The flowers literally covers the whole bush.

There is only a slight fragrance, but this rose more than makes up for it. It has a graceful rounded habit and abundant medium green foilage and grows to an average height.

It can be planted on it's own, or will make a wonderful grouping or hedge.

This rose doesn't mind being pruned to reduce height or width. Zones 5-9, Height 4-5 feet tall and wide.

easy to grow roses

Bonica Rose

bonica rose

The 'Bonica' rose is a modern shrub rose, and every garden should have this delightful rose, because it surely belongs with easy to grow roses group. The plant bears sprays of delicate rose pink flowers, with a light sweet scent, that literally covers the bush all season long. It has an abundance of rich green foilage that is very attractive in itself.

Bonica is a lovely rose to have and a must for people that say they "can't grow roses". Needless to say, it's an extremely healthy and trouble-free rose, good for any flowerbed or as a low hedge. Zones 4-9, Height 3 feet.

easy to grow roses

Carefee Wonder Rose

carefree wonder

'Carefree Wonder' is an award winning rose; a shrub rose with a neat rounded growth habit, and an extra ordinary resistance to most common rose diseases makes this rose an easy to grow rose.

The foilage is bright green and plentiful. The flowers are fabulous with a bright pink to a deeper pink color and a mild fruity scent.

This rose blooms non-stop until frost arrives and is very cold hardy as well. An outstanding, low maintenance rose, that I highly recommend. Zones 4-9, Height 4-5 feet.

easy to grow roses

Graham Thomas Rose

graham thomas rose

The 'Graham Thomas' rose is a modern shrub rose. It has clear golden yellow blooms, deeper in the middle of it's cupped blooms. This rose blooms repeatedly and freely all season long. The flowers are carried on long arching stems. There is an intense sweet honey fragrance that is very delightful.

The flowers are very full petaled, and they make a wonderful cut flower.

The plant is vigorous and can get quite large, if you let it, up to 7 feet. If you want your 'Graham Thomas' to stay in bounds in a perennial border, simply prune it hard early every spring.

This is an English rose, that is known to flourish in hot American summers and one of the easy to grow roses. Zones 4-9, Height 7 feet or up to 12 feet as a climber.


Knockout Rose

knockout roses

The Knockout roses are most likely the easiest roses to grow, because they are virtually maintenance free. Meaning no spraying for diseases, and no deadheading, as the blooms are self-cleaning. Pruning is also a breeze as Shrub Roses are the the easiest to prune.

easy to grow roses

The 'Marmalade Skies' Rose

marmalade skies

The 'Marmalade Skies' rose is a cluster-flowered floribunda rose.

Fiery, tropical red colored flowers on a nice compact bush, makes this one the finest of the new floribundas. This rose has everything a gardener wants: stunning colors, blooms continually all season, a sweet fruity fragrance, and a neat growth habit that makes it easy to place in your garden. One of the best easy to grow roses.

This rose delivers consistently fabulous flower shows, with large clusters of beautiful flower sprays. It's great for a low border and compact enough to be planted in a large container. Zones 5-9, Height 3 feet.


The New Dawn Rose

new dawn

'New Dawn' rose is a modern, large flowering climber. This rose has no faults and a lot of great qualities that makes it an all time favorite of many gardeners and definitely one of the most easy to grow roses.

Large, double fragrant, cameo pink flowers that fades to creamy white, is the hallmark of this rose. The foilage is glossy, dark green and very disease resistant on a bush that climbs to 20 feet (6 m).

It is winter hardy, and blooms all season long, with an excellent abundance of flowers in small clusters. The sweet rose scent is another plus. The canes are very pliable and easy to train on any gardens structure.

After 67 years of existence, it was elected to the World Rose Hall Of Fame in 1997. Zones 4-10, Height 20 feet.


The 'Starry Night' Rose

starry night

'Starry Night' rose is a non-stop blooming rose and an AARS Award Winner in 2002. An outstanding white hedge rose. The lovely white flowers don't yellow or brown on the bush.

The blooms, a single form with a spray of golden stamens in the middle, come in very generous clusters, and have a mild sweet fragrance. The bush is totally covered with white flowers all season, and seem to "twinkle" at twilight.

It is marvelously disease resistant. This rose is well worth planting and requires minimal maintenance. You would call this one of the easy to grow roses. Zones 4-9, Height 3-6 feet.


The Zephirine Drouhin Rose

zephirine drouhin rose

The 'Zephirine Drouhin' rose, a Bourbon, and one of the best known climbing roses, and one of the easy to grow roses. This a 15 foot climber with large, gorgeous, fragrant cerise pink flowers. The scent is a rich old rose perfume.

It is famous for being thornless, which makes it a pleasure to train on any structure. This rose is also a bit more cold hardy than most climbers. A vigorous rose that is easy to grow and beloved by gardeners all over the world. Zones 6-9, Height 15 feet.


Easy Elegance Roses

easy to grow roses

The picture above shows one of the popular Easy Elegance Roses called Firecracker Easy Elegance Rose.

As with all the Easy Elegance Series roses, it's an extremely clean and healthy rose plant that never needs any pampering at all.

However, not all roses do well in all climates and areas, so

it's important that you consult with your

local nurseries and garden centers, before you buy any roses.

Write down the names of the roses listed here and ask if these

roses are doing well in your area and would

be the easy to grow roses that you would want.


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