Ebb Tide Rose

Ebb Tide Floribunda Roses

Ebb Tide rose produces stunning deep purple rose flowers that takes your breath away.

If you like purple roses, the 'Ebb Tide' Roses is a must have rose for your garden.

It's a purple floribunda rose bush that bears clusters of 4-5 inch wide blooms.

Be sure to sniff the rose flowers, because the lovely spicy-clove rose scent is intoxicating. Such a wonderful fragrance.

Another thing I like about Ebb Tide is the attractive foilage. It's has a deeep green color that looks great against the purple blooms.

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Plant height varies according to climates, from 36-60 inches tall.

It will grow taller in warmer climate zones.

When planting, space the plants about 30-36 inches apart.

Ebb Tide is a wonderful rose for cuttings.

Put the rose cuttings in a vase with some white roses for a lovely flower arrangement.

In fact, you should plant it together with some white floribunda Iceberg roses.

Planting them together will make for a beautiful flower bed color combination that you'll love.

Only plant Ebb Tide in full sun for the best flower production.

Ebb Tide Rose Tips

Dig a hole about 2 feet wide and 1-2 feet deep, and amend the soil with organic composted manure.

I always plant new roses in the Miracle-Gro Garden Soil For Roses. It has all the nutrients the rose need to get off to a great start.

I recommend using one bag per plant hole. Using Miracle Grow for Roses Soil is so worth it. Try it and find out for yourself.


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