Eden Climbing Roses In Indiana
Pierre De Ronsard Rose

I am thinking of taking the plunge and adding Eden climbing roses to our our garden in Indiana. When would be the best time to plant them on our arbor and againt walls in a few locations? Also, would the canes need to be taken down every year in the winter?
Thank you!

The Eden climbing rose, also called Pierre De Ronsard rose, is essentially a rose for Mediterranean climates, and warmer.
It will not survive below zone 6.
I am not sure about your Indiana climate, but if you have cold winters there, Eden is not the climbing rose you want to buy.
Ask your local Rose Society when the best planting time for roses is in your general area.
Also Rose Growers will only ship roses when your area is ready for planting roses.
So you'll be safe there.
I recommend the William Baffin Climbing rose, because it's very cold hardy, and you won't have to worry about winter kill, or wrapping the canes every winter.

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