Eden Rose or America Rose
Which Do You Prefer

by Tracey Kelly

I have emailed you in the past.

Am intersted in planting several of the same climbing roses, prefer fragrance, along a fence in our yard.

The fence is a natural wood color.

I can't decide between Eden rose and America climbing rose. Both look so pretty.

I like an old rose style, with fragrance, one that will bloom first year.

(not interested in new dawn) which of the two is the better choice? thanks!!

ANSWER: Hi Tracey! Nice to hear from you.

Unfortunately, the Eden climbing rose is not suitable for the Conneticut cold winter climate.

It's more suited for the Mediterrainian climates, such as California.

It won't survive the cold winters.

The America climbing rose is late to bloom at first, but it has an incredible strong rose fragrance, and it's quite hardy.
It's cold hardy to zone 6, so you most likely should cover it after the first frost in winter.

The best climbing rose for your climate is the William Baffin rose. It's from the Canadian Explorer series, and is hardy to Zone 3.

However, it's not very fragrant, it has almost no scent.

So these are your choices. You can also ask you local garden nursery that sells roses, what fragrant climbing rose does well in your climate zone.
Best Regards,

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