Rosa Eden Rose

eden rose

Climbing' Eden' Rose Information

Climbing Eden rose, also known as Pierre de Ronsard rose.

Here is a Rosa Eden climber rose photo with information about this charming Meilland rose from France.

What you will like the most about climbing 'Eden'rose is the old fashioned charm of the flowers of Pierre de Ronsard.

It a perfect climbing rose for a cottage garden.

The 'Eden' climber flowers are large, cupped with large, long petals, which takes many days to unfurl.

This rose is not suited for wet and cool climates, as the petals may not open at all under those conditions.

The 'Eden' rose is essentially a rose for Mediterranian climates, and even warmer places.

eden rose

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The rose flowers are ivory or cream colored, with deep pink edges, but the exact coloring varies.

There is often a hint of green on the outer petals as well.

The scent is sweet, light and lovely.

eden rose

Picture of 'Eden' Trained Around An Entrance Arch

eden rose

Climbing Eden On A Fence

Another good feature of climbing 'Eden' is its compact growing habit, so it will never outgrow its allotted space.

The foilage is healthy, dark, tough and shiny, and the stems have only a few thorns, so they are easy to handle and train.

The 'Eden' rose flowers with an abundance and glory at first, and continues, but with less blooms through summer. Zone 6.


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