English Garden Roses

english garden roses

David Austin English Roses

Are you looking for fragrant English garden roses by David Austin? Below is a list of some of my favorite English roses for sale.

Why not create a English rose garden with these beautiful fragrant English rose bushes.

These roses are not only roses for English gardens, they are known to thrive in the USA, even in the Southern parts with warmer climate zones.

What I really like the most about the English roses are that they resemble the wonderful Old Garden Roses from centuries


They are charming and are a must for a cottage or country garden, with that old fashioned look and feel.

Think picket fences and in front of porches. These are ideal planting spots for the English roses.

Fragrant English Roses For Sale

William Shakespeare 2000-- English Rose Bush Five Gallon Plant A suberbly fragrant English garden rose with exquisite rich, velvety crimson turning purple colored blooms. It's a medeum tall rose bush, that is very hardy, with good repeat flowering. A very disease resistant rounded shrub.

garden roses Sophy's Rose English Rose Bush Five Gallon Plant This English rose stays short even in warn climate zones. The double, in full bloom, flower petals are small at the center, and increases in size, creating a rosette effect. It has healthy elongated foilage, and good repeat flowering. Great for the front of the flower bed.

Darcy Bussell English Rose Bush Five Gallon Plant This is one of the healthiest English garden roses. A short bushy hardy shrub rose. The beautiful blooms are prolific and continuing. There is a light fruity rose scent. Excellent planted in a large pot as a container rose for a patio. 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide.

Garden Roses Lichfield Angel English Rose Bush Five Gallon Plant It's a vigorous, rounded shrub rose, about 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide. The charming peachy pink rosette shaped flowers have a light fragrance. A hardy rose bush that blend well with other colors, and looks great with pink and yellow roses or perennials. Good repeat flowering.

Gentle Hermione--English Rose Bush Five Gallon Plant These English garden roses varieties have some of the most perfectly formed blooms that looks like the Old Roses from yesteryear. The color is a pure pink in the center with a soft blush on the outsides. The bush as a rounded shape with slightly arching canes, It's very healthy, and has a strong classic Old Rose scent. The petals hold up well in the rain.

Ambridge Rose English Rose Bush Five Gallon Plant It's a medeum tall hardy shrub rose with good repeat blooms. I love the strong English rose myrrh fragrance, and the neat, bushy growth habit of this charming apricot peach rose. Great for flower borders and for bedding. 3 feet tall, and 2 feet wide.

If you need help with pruning, here is my page about pruning English roses.

It will give you detailed instructions of how to prune these English shrub roses.


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