Epson Salts Magnesium Sulfate

Benefits of Epson Salt For Roses and Plants

Epson Salts Benefits: Epson salt is applied at planting time, and early every spring around the base of roses and other plants.

The benefit of epson salt is that it contains Magnesium sulfate, which is very beneficial for soil improvement.

Gardeners use magnesium sulfate to correct soils that have a magnesium deficiency.

The plants that are really hungry for magnesium are roses, tomatoes, potatoes, lemon trees and peppers.

But actually all plants perform and look better after an application of Epson salt.

Studies have shown that magnesium and sulfor, which are the major components of Epson salt will help plants produce more fruits and vegetables and flowers than those that don't get any.

Magnesium sulfate also helps seeds to germinate, and speed up chlorophyll production and improve phosphorus and nitrogen uptake.

Tests done by the National Gardening Association show that Epson salt helps plants produce more flowers, and vegetables grow larger.

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Epson Salt - How Much?

I sprinkle Epson salt around my rose bushes for greener and lusher plants.

Every spring, I pour about a half cup around the drip line of my rose bushes and they sure are doing great. I read that Martha Stewart does the same with great results.

Be sure to scratch it into the soil and water deeply so it reaches the feeder roots.


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