Fair Bianca Rose

fair bianca rose

Fair Bianca English Shrub Rose

Fair Bianca Rose, an English white shrub rose and David Austins first white rose introduced in 1982. Rose 'Fair Bianca' is named for a character in Shakespeares play "The Taming Of The Shrew".

It's a perfect shrub rose for a border or a lower hedge. It grows vigorously and upright. The foilage is light green, semi-glossy and hardy.

'Fair Bianca' rose blooms are so intensely fragrant, you can smell the rose from 20 feet away. A mass planting of 'Fair Bianca' roses would be spectacular.

fair bianca rose

Picture Of 'Fair Bianca' Rose Bloom

The flowers are the purest of white with just a hint of cream in the center and they open to sauser like forms. The lovely medium sized flowers are flat and form full rosettes.

They appear in clusters. The intense Myrrh fragrance is absolutely delicious and the flowering is continuous.

'Fair Bianca' is an averaged sized rose plant and looks charming with perennials and bulbs in a flower border. Blue Delphiniums would look stunning among these white shrub roses. Zones 4-9, height 3 feet tall and about 2 feet wide.


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