Fall Rose Care

How To Prepare Roses For Winter
During The Fall Season

Fall rose care: This page is about early to late fall care for modern roses. At this time you should be seriously thinking about the preparation of your roses for the coming winter so that you will have nice roses next year.

The information on this page is based on hardiness Zone 5.

You can adjust the start of the fall care of your roses as much as 2-3 weeks for each Zone variation.

For example, sooner if you live in Zones 3 or 4, or later if you grow roses in Zones 6, 7 etc.

The farther south you live, the longer you can enjoy your roses, and the less you need to be concerned about protecting them over the winter.

Watering Roses During Fall

It is best to continue monitoring the amount of moisture that Mother Nature provides from now through just before the soil is frozen.

Before the soil is likely to stay frozen, you should thoroughly soak the soil so that the roots are well hydrated for the coming colder weather.

Stop Deadheading Rose Blooms

By mid-Septemeber, in the colder zones, you should stop the roses from re-blooming by not removing spent blooms.

Roses need to store their energy for another season.

So around mid-late September, for repeat-flowering roses, you should start sending messages to the rose bushes, telling them to stop their reproduction efforts and to conserve energy in order to survive the coming winter and bloom again next season.

Clean Debris From The Beds

From mid-October onward until you are ready to take the final steps in winter protection, clean all debris such as old mulch, fallen leavees and flower petals, from the rose beds.

Trash all debris away from the rose beds in garbage cans to minimize disease carryover into next season.

Remove debris on a weekly basis as it accumulates, if not pulled off.

Late Fall and Winter Care

Veterans Day week in the US (mid- November), is a good target date for finishing pulling petals (not deadheading) and removing foilage from the rose bushes.

I recommend tying the canes together to fit them within the method of enclosed winter protection.

Apply a winter mulch to mound about 6 inches, or higher, over the bud union of all the modern type full size roses, and lesser amount on miniature roses.

This is also a good time to consider spraying with Bonide 211 All Seasons Horticulture and Dormant Oil Spray to kill any fungus spores and prevent any insect eggs from overwintering.

Wrap all canes of climbers and cold tender roses such as hybrid teas in several layers of burlap or a horticultural fleece material, and tie with rope to secure it. That's all there is to it for fall rose care.


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