Fire And Ice Roses

Pictures Of 'Fire And Ice' Rose Flowers

Rosa Hybrid Teas, Fire and Ice roses, are the best selling hybrid tea roses that has been specially bred for the florist trade, and the fresh cut flower production.

I love their red and white bi-coloring, so beautiful for a flower arrangement.

But they make an excellent garden roses as well.

If you have a cutting garden, or simply love fresh cut flowers for your home, you should buy three rose bushes for sure, more if you really love cut flowers.

These florist roses are a lot more resistant to rose diseases, than other florist roses, which can be quite troublesome in certain climates.

The best part about growing 'Fire and Ice' roses is that they will bloom profusely, in flushes, all season long, whether you cut the flowers for a vase or leave them on the rose bush.

fire and ice roses

Picture Of 'Fire and Ice' Hybrid Tea Roses

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'Fire And Ice' Growing Information

The hybrid tea grows to about 4-5 feet tall, with a spread of about 3 feet.

It's rather cold tender, and is hardy to zone 6 only.

Be sure to give the rose winter protection if you have a frost warning.

'Fire and Ice', like all roses, needs good drainage, and rich composted soil.

Water 3-5 times weekly deeply, about 5 gallons or more per week of water.

The sun exposure for maximum flower production should be 5-6 hors per day, more is ok.

So plant them, and all roses, in a sunny spot in your garden.

As with most florist roses, there is very little fragrance, but the beautiful blooms make up for it.

For a spectacular garden display, underplant the roses with low growing perennials.

The hardy Rozanne perennial geranium being my favorite.


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