Firecracker Rose Plant

firecracker rose

Easy Elegance 'Firecracker' Roses

You can buy the Firecracker rose bush plant here. Just scroll down the page.

Rosa Firecracker is one of the Easy Elagance roses, famous for it's clean, healthy, disease resistant foilage.

The red flowers, have rich tones of pink and the area around the golden stamens is white. A very pretty rose flower indeed.

'Firecracker' roses bloom with profusion all season long. The bush is practically smothered with flowers.

firecracker rose

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I like the compact, upright growing shape of this rose, making it a perfect rose for a small garden, or a container on a patio.

The Easy Elegance Roses such as 'Firecracker' are so easy to grow roses, they are just like a flowering shrub in your garden.

No need to pamper this rose with sprays to keep it healthy.

If you use a slow release rose fertilizer you only have to feed your roses once a year in late spring. Now isn't that low maintenance or what!

Growing zones 4-9.


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