Florida Rose Problems

by Nancy
(Coconut Creek, Florida)

QUESTION: Hello! I live is South Florida. I have been an avid rose grower for many years.

However,I stopped growing them the past 4 yrs, and now started growing them the past six months.

I am having a problem...crinkly leaves. Especially the new growth.

I don't think it is powdery mildew. No white stuff.

I thought it was because I pruned them in the heat of summer.

They were doing so well until summer.

They are all in pots with Miracle grow soil, osmecote.

Some canes have even turned black both from the bottom and top.

This problem is happening to all of them but 2.

I have a total of 10 ...for now. any help would be greatly appreciated!

Oh, they are all own root OGR'S.
Thank You,

ANSWER: Your last sentence is the key to your rose problems.

Own root roses in Florida often die after a few seasons, or sooner.

The black canes, are actually dead canes.

Here is my page about growing roses in Florida
Best Regards,

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