Flower Carpet Roses

Flowering Carpet Rose Plants

Flower Carpet Roses, or Carpet Roses, which they are sometimes called, pink carpet roses, carpet roses groundcover are free-flowering, easy care roses that offers many useful garden planting solutions.

These roses are very low maintenance roses, also called landsape roses, because they lend themselves to mass plantings with no deadheading required for repeatflowering.

Once established they become quite drought resistant, if they have been deep watered earlier.

The flowers are only slightly fragrant, but they appear in masses of pretty pink, red clusters over a very long season.

Small rounded hips follow after the end of flowering in the fall.

The foilage is medium green and glossy, and very attractive.

flower carpet roses

Here Is A Picture Of My Flower Carpet Roses

The trailing canes covered with blossoms, are lovely when allowed to spill over retaining walls or container plantings.

The flowers are deep pink, almost scarlet at first (the buds are red), and open cupped, loosely double, with a small white eye.

They fade to mid-pink and palest lilac-pink, before dropping their petals cleanly.

Carpet roses flowers come in open clusters of 10-20.

Their dark, glossy foilage come from the super healthy Rosa wichurana and are unmoved by mildew, blackspot, or rust.

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Carpet Roses Care

If you are wondering how to care for carpet roses, I have good news for you.

The 'Flower Carpet Roses' require very minimal care, once they are established.

They are self-cleaning, meaning no deadheading is needed for the roses to re-bloom.

However, I like to go out and trim off the spent flowers once in a while, just to make the roses look good.

I have them planted spilling over a short wall.

Of course if you have a mass planting on a slope, that isn't that close to your outside living area, you could just leave them be.

Pruning is also a breeze.

Just take a hedge trimmer and prune off until you like how they look and keep carpet roses within bounds.

Sprinkle some slow release fertilizers around the roses in the spring or when the growing season begins in your area, and do a deep soak.

I don't bother with any more feedings at all, and they still bloom like crazy.

The picture of the carpet roses in my raised flowerbed above shows you a great way to use these landscape roses.


They have a tendency to flop over, so I planted them in a spot where it looks good when they spill over a bit.

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