Flower Garden Pictures

flower garden pictures

Flower Bed Pictures

The flower garden pictures on this page are photos that will give you great front yard flower bed ideas, ideas for narrow flower bed design and pictures of flower gardens with roses, perennials and shrubs.

There are pictures of flower beds, pictures of small flower gardens, red rose flower pictures, and garden pictures of climbing roses in the garden.

This page is designed to give you flower bed ideas for your front yard and front porch. All of the flower garden pictures are beautiful as well as creative flower beds and flower that will inspire you to create your own flower beds and rose gardens.

Picture of Front Yard Flower Bed

flower garden pictures

Isn't this a colorful narrow flowerbed?

Here are pink carpet roses planted with low-growing white blooming Cotoneaster shrubs and purple Verbena 'Homestead Purple' perennials.

A few white Day-Lilies are planted toward the back.

This border is only two feet wide but adds lots of colorful and lasting beauty to this front yard.

It's one of my favorite flower garden pictures.

Picture Of A Small Garden Space

flower garden pictures

This is a great and very simple flower bed idea for a low wall in a small garden.

Here you see pink Knockout roses planted with Foxgloves along this low wall, adding lots of color and charm to this 18 inch space.

This is very easy to duplicate in your own garden.

There are only two plant varieties in this flower bed.

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Pictures Of Climbing Roses

flower garden pictures

This picture of climbing roses in the garden was taken in the backyard.

This is a very wide flower border with two of my favorite climbing roses, the white Sally Holmes rose and the wonderful pink climber,the Eden rose (syn.Pierre de Ronsard rose). The vivid pink rose in the foreground is the English Gertrude Jekyll rose, by David Austin.

The flowers of this rose are oh soo fragrant, you can't stop smelling the roses.

Picture Of Roses On A Fence

flower garden pictures

What a show-stopper this is.

The pink roses blooming with profusion are Climbing Cecile Brunner roses.

The pink flowers are very fragrant and very beautiful.

This is a vigorous climber as the picture shows and you need a strong fence to hold up these roses.

I believe the homeowners planted six of these roses along the fence.

It's a beautiful picture of climbing roses in a garden.

Front Gate Flower Ideas

flower garden pictures

What a welcoming touch for a front gate garden.

The two colorful rose bushes planted on each side of the gate are Sunset Celebration roses.

They have long-lasting huge salmon colored blooms that are very fragrant.

The roses are underplanted with pink Fleabane Daisy.

Underplanting roses always gives a finishing touch to your flower beds and keeps the roots cool and the weeds out.

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Curbside Planting Ideas

flower garden pictures

Here is a colorful flower garden picture of a curbside flower bed, featuring two outstanding and easy to grow rose bushes.

Pink Knockout roses and white Iceberg roses interplanted with a few lilies makes a stunning curb side garden.

The roses and other plants are backed by a clipped hedge, giving the garden a little bit of formality and structure.

I think this is a very effective and surprisingly easy rose garden design.

Flower Bed Picture Ideas

flower garden pictures

What a stunning and colorful front garden!

The white Iceberg roses are the anchor plants in this design.

The low-growing colorful flowers are dwarf Petunias in a rainbow of colors and yellow Marigold annuals.

This flower garden once planted is actually quite low maintenance.

Just a little routine deadheading to keep the flowers blooming all season long.


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