Forsythia Plant Varieties

forsythia plant

Forsythia Pruning and Planting Information

Here you'll find the best forsythia plant for your garden.

Garden bushes, such as weeping forsythia, sunrise forsythia, fiesta, northern gold, and even a forsythia tree variety. Buy your forsythias online here!

The forsythia bushes are great for rose gardeners, because the best time to prune repeat-blooming roses are, when the forsythias are blooming.

So if you have roses, and you don't have a forsythia bush in your garden, do yourself a favor and plant one as soon as possible.

Below is a picture gallery of forsythias for sale.

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Forsythia Plants Online

forsythia plant
Forsythia - Fiesta

forsythia plant
Forsythia - Northern Sun - Tree form

forsythia plant
Forsythia - New Hampshire Gold

forsythia plant
Forsythia - Arnold Dwarf

forsythia plant
Forsythia - Weeping

Planting Forsythia

Forsythias grow to about 7 - 10 feet tall and wide. So please give it this space when planting it in your garden.

If you plant it too tight, you'll find yourself cutting it back every season, reducing the flower production, and you will end up with a very ugly plant.

Pruning Forsythias

Forsythias do not need to be pruned down like rose bushes do.

Only remove one third of the oldest, and less flowering, branches each year, at the very base of the plant.

Also cut away any dead wood, and any branches that rub together.

Pruning should be done after flowering, however, you can also prune it in early spring when the branches are still bare.

One advantage to cutting away old branches, right after flowering is, that the plant will have time to grow new branches that will flower next spring.


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