Fountain and Roses

by Joyce King

QUESTION: I have a problem with my new landscaping I did last year.

I gave it all great thought, but I didn't think about the fountain water blowing out onto my roses on windy days.

That wouldn't be a problem except I have been afraid of putting any chemicals into the water to prevent growth of mosquito larva becauseof this.

Do you know of anything I can add to the water that would keep it clean, and not harm my roses?

Last season I had to drain the fountain many times, and it is so wasteful.

I love my roses they took right off they were beautiful. Hope you can help me...

ANSWER: I have a fountain with roses around it also.

In Los Angeles we get Santa Ana winds from time to time, so I had the same situation as you.

I solved it by shutting off the fountain on windy days.

The fountain doesn't have to be on all the time.

I am sure you wouldn't want to be outside on windy days. I don't.

There is no product I know to add to your fountain water that will be harmless to your roses.
Best Regards,

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