Fourth Of July Rose


Striped Red And White Rose Bush

The Fourth of July rose, a climber, is such a festive and colorful rose, with great sprays of gorgeous ruffled blooms, that have red and white striped coloring.

A quite dazzling dislpay of flowers.

fourth of july

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It is an excellent repeat blooming rose with sensational flowers all season long.

The blooms have a fragrance that reminds me of fresh cut apples, a very refreshing scent.


The foilage is bright green and very disease resistant, it is a tough rose that's for sure.

This climbing rose looks especially stunning attached to an arch, pergola or trellis.

The support is best painted white, so it matches the white stripes of the flowers.

When used this way, it puts on quite a spectacular show.

It's quite cold hardy, and can even be grown in New England.

Zones 4-9, height 10 - 14 feet.



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