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foxglove flowers

Digitalis Purpurea Foxglove Plants

Buy foxglove flowers, plants. The popular strawberry foxglove, yellow, purple, and pink digitalis purpurea, it's latin name, foxgloves.

How to plant and grow digitalis, that what this page is all about.

Foxgloves have colorful bell-shaped flowers that are wonderful companion plants for roses. They are perfect for informal cottage rose gardens, where the digitalis can self-sow with abandon.

it's actually a biennial, but because it self-sows so well you can count on its perennial presence.

A word of CAUTION. The leaves of all digitalis are toxic if ingested.

foxglove flowers

Digitalis Purpurea In A Cottage Rose Garden

How To Plant Digitalis

Plant in moist, rich and well drained soil. Set the plants 18 inches apart. The most popular foxglove plant, strawberry D. Mertonensis, has 2-3 foot tall coppery rose spires. The digitalis is hardy in zones 5-9.

Pictures Gallery Of Digitalis Foxgloves

foxglove flowers
Giant Shirley Mix

foxglove flowers
b>Foxglove - Camelot Lavender

foxglove flowers
Foxglove - Camelot Rose

foxglove flowers
Fox Glove - Strawberry

foxglove flowers
Foxglove - Candy Mountain

foxglove flowers
Foxglove - Goldcrest


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