Fragrant Cloud Rose

A Strongly Scented Rose

Fragrant Cloud rose, also known as 'Duftwolke' and 'Nuage Parfume'. is a modern Hybrid Tea rose bush.

It is one of the best loved roses of the Twentieth Century. It also has extremely fragrant blooms as one would expect from a rose thar was bred from 'Prima Ballerina'.

The flowers have an intoxicating spicy aroma, and they make excellent cut flowers for vases and arrangments.

The rose flowers are an unusual coral-red to geranium red in color, with 30 petals that form a double well- shaped flower.

fragrant cloud rose

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The color is especially clear and they don't fade like so many others do, and they are also very quick to re-bloom.

The bush never seems to be without flowers and that is another big plus for this rose.

fragrant cloud rose

The leaves are large, rich and glossy with a dark green color, but mildew can be a problem in the fall and blackspot can occur in damp weather.

This rose is excellent for growing in flowerbeds and borders.

White and blue colors look very good planted with this rose. It really brings out the wonderful coral-red colors.

It was voted the World's Favorite Rose in 1981, and received James Alexander Gamble Rose Fragrance Award in 1970.

Zones 6-9, height 4-5 feet.


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