Fragrant Plum Rose

Fragrant Plum Grandiflora Rose

The fragrant plum rose is one of the most fragrant roses, and its color is that of a lovely mauve plum.

Fragrant plum is a very sweet-scented grandiflora rose bush.

It produces very large candleabra-like heads of blooms.

The are very double and high-centered, and last well with little fading of color either in the vase or on the bush.

The petal count is 20-25.

The stems are long enough to be a great cutting flower.

Fragrant plum's flower production is very high, so it's always in bloom.

fragrant plum rose
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It's not suited for very hot desert climates, because the lush new growth can burn on very hot days.

Fragrant plum grandflora is a modern, large-flowering bush that is also a good repeat-bloomer.

This rose should be growing in well-drained, rich soil and in full sun.

It was introduced by Christensen USA in 1990. Zones 5-9


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