Fragrant Roses For Arizona

by Carleton Nevin
(Gold Canyon, AZ (Pinal))

I want to buy several rose bushes. But, my wife wants them to be fragrant and have blooms the majority of the season. I have noted your Arizona Top Roses and know I should pick from them, but I must also satisfy my wife. Help.

Hello Carleton,
I would have sent you an e-mail, but you forgot to include it. I don't know if you will get this answer if you didn't follow the instructions for submitting. But anyway, hoping you did, I will give my answer to your question.
Actually all of the highlighted links for my top roses for Arizona's climate on this page are all fragrant.
However, my favorites would be Julia Child Rose, and Gemini rose, and also Graham Thomas rose.
These are roses that have proven to do well in Arizona's hot climate.
They also bloom repeatedly. But not so much when the hot summer arrives. To survive they conserve energy by not producing flowers when it's very hot weather.
However, you must follow my advice on watering and heavy mulching to be successful growing roses in Arizona.
Best Wishes,

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