Fragrant Roses

Super Fragrant Roses - Most Fragrant Roses

Fragrant roses, the most fragrant garden roses is what comes to mind when people think of roses.

Most of the roses listed are on the on the James Alexander Gamble's list of Fragrance Medal Winners that's how fragrant these roses are.

A lovely, delicious fragrance is a top requirement for perfect roses.

That's what all rose breeders strive for.

Are you looking for a fragrant disease resistant rose, a very fragrant patio rose, or perhaps fragrant prolific everblooming roses, or a fragrant lavender rose?

There are a lot of scented roses available, such as fragrant climbing roses, shade tolerant scented roses, fragrant miniature roses, fragrant hybrid tea roses, heirloom scented roses and fragrant hardy roses.

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Top Roses That Are Fragrant

DOUBLE DELIGHT: a hybrid tea rose with a sweetly, spicy rose fragrance. Zones 5-9.

ELLE ROSE: this rose won a prize for its scent in 1999. A beautiful hybrid tea rose, with exeptionally large blooms that are very strongly fragrant. Zones 7-10.

FOURTH OF JULY: a climbing rose with a very lovely rose fragrance. I love the red and white striped flowers of this rose. Zones 5-9.

FRAGRANT CLOUD: this is one of the best loved roses of the twentieth century with extremely fragant blooms you'll love too. Zones 4-9.

FRAGRANT PLUM: a lovely grandiflora rose with a very attractive appearance and fragrance. Zones 5-9.

HONEY PERFUME: a hybrid tea rose with a spicy honey scented rose fragrance. Its a very beautiful rose. Zones 6-10.

MEMEORIAL DAY: an intensely fragrant hybrid tea rose with beautiful orchid pink blooms. Zones 7-10.

MISTER LINCOLN: my favorite red hybrid tea rose with the the most delicious rose fragrance. Zones 6-10.

SCENTIMENTAL: a lovely fragrant floribunda rose with spectacular red and pink colored blooms that have a strong spicy rose scent. Zones 6-10.

SHEER BLISS: a beautiful hybrid tea rose, that is perfect for a wedding bouquet. It has the most lovely sweet rose fragrance. Zones 6-11.

Fragrant Antique Old Roses

Actually most, if not all, antique old roses are very fragrant, so if your like a good smelling roses, and who doesn't, plant an antique rose in your garden.

fragrant roses

Lilac Charm Antique Rose

fragrant roses

'Tuscany', a rose of Italian origin. This rose is very, very old, pre-1596. A Gallica Rose, that is extremely fragrant, and incredibly beautiful, with maroon flowers. Zones 4-10, height 4 feet

fragrant roses

'Gertrude Jekyll' rose,the flowers are so fragrant that they were used for the first rose essence produced in England for 250 years. A tall and well foilaged bush that is very healthy. Zones 4-9, height up to 7 feet in warmer areas

fragrant roses

'Rosa Mulliganii' is the rose with the yellow stamens in the picture above. A superbly scented rose plant, this rose will fill the garden with perfume. This is a wonderful climber, which is almost evergreen in more temperate climates. Zones 4-11, height up tp 20 feet.

fragrant roses

'Mme Legras de St Germain', a very fragrant Alba rose. The scent is of the Old Rose perfume that is so lovely. An outstanding, almost thornless rose, that is easy to grow. Zones 4-10, height up to 8 feet(2.5m)

fragrant roses

'Ardoisee De Lyon, a repeat-flowering Hybrid Perpetual rose with a sweet old rose fragrance. Zones 5-10, height 4 feet

The preference for rose scents is very individual, but what we call the 'Old Rose' scent, is perhaps one of the most beautiful, and I am told, this is the basis of most rose perfumes.

The best time to enjoy the scent of a rose is mid-morning when the sun is up. The scent is the strongest when the rose flower is about half open.

If you love the fragrance of roses as much as I do, you would love my favorite Rose Perfumes.

I usually give one of these rose perfumes for a bridal gift, as rose fragrances are so feminine and romantic; and men love these scents on women.


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