French Gardens

french gardens

French Garden Styles

Pictures of beautiful French Gardens, inside French Classical Gardens,French Formal Gardens, French Kitchen garden, French Rose Garden and designing a Frenchgarden, that's what you will find here. Just scroll down for inspiration and a look of the most enchanting beautiful French Designs, and French Flowers you can imagine.

French Country Gardens

french gardens

An Informal French Designed Garden In Summer

I just love this French little garden in the picture below, with a Horse Chestnut tree as a focal point. The garden is sloping, and it's interesting how they managed to make part of the garden flatter, by this round brick-toppedstonewall behind the tree.

french gardens

A Small French Country Garden

french gardens

The French Country Garden At Giverny

French Formal Gardens

The garden picture below is a beautiful springtime French formal garden bed with tulips and other spring bulbflowers. Notice the clipped boxwood compartments with plantings.

french gardens

A Formal French Flower Bed

The French kitchen garden below has a formal touch. It's edged by clipped boxwood. But what makes this garden special are the Twig Arches with the climbing flowering peas climbing up. What a great way to grow peas! Eventually they will overlap in the middle. Each vegetable section is lined with boxwood. What a great kitchen garden this is!

french gardens

A French Formal Kitchen Garden

Monets Garden

The most famous of all French Designed Gardens are Monets gardens at Giverny, France. It's a fabulous place to visit,enjoy and get inspirations for designing a french style garden.

french gardens

The Monet French Country House at Giverny, France

This is Monets house and front garden at Giverny, France. The stunning gardens at his country chateau are very beautiful and simply enchanting.

french gardens

The Famous Lily Pond At Giverny

This is the famous lily pond with all the waterlilies and the green bridge in the background, so often depictedin Monets paintings of his garden at Giverny.

You can find more Frech Style Gardens here, and always remember if you have questions regardning this topic you can always Ask Annelie.


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