Garden Party Rose


An Ivory White Rose

The Garden Party rose is a modern, large-flowered hybrid tea, with repeat flowering blooms. These plants are perfect as bedding roses in your garden.

The blooms are beautifully formed, opening from urn-shaped buds into large, full flowers of a delicate and graceful appearance.

They are double with long petals that form a high center, and become prettily waved as they form a wide bowl-shaped flower.

garden party rose

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The color is basically ivory white, turning into cream with a hint of pink as they age. These cool shades look soothing among brighter colored roses, whether they are for a flower arrangement or used for bedding roses in the garden.

It is a very free- flowering rose that repeat blooms all season long. There is a pleasant sweet tea rose fragrance.

When planting this rose, or any other hybrid tea rose, you should always underplant them with low-growing perennials or annuals, in order to hide their 'bare legs'.

Hybrid teas have sort of unsightly bare lower canes that needs to be disguised.

And the best way I do that is to plant some hardy geraniums, or herbs such as oregano and thyme are great. Don't use toxic sprays if you plan to harvest the herbs for cooking.

'Garden Party' grows to an average height, or more, with a dark green foilage that really shows off the white flowers. A Bagatelle Gold Medal winner 1959. AARS Award winner 1960. Zones 4-9, height 4-5 feet.



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