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Mantis Garden Tiller
Tiller Parts And Attachments

Mantis Garden Tillers for sale. We are a Mantis Tiller Dealer!

The Mantis tiller, cultivator, is by far the best tiller in the World.

The mini Mantis electric tiller, is my own favorite tiller, and the most popular of all the tillers.

It sure makes it easy to do my rose gardening, and prepare the garden beds.

You can also buy Mantis tiller parts, Mantis tiller tines, and any Mantis mini electric tiller attachments here.

I like that its powerful electric motor is so easy to start up, and that it's so quiet to operate.

The tillers come with a FREE Border Edger, plus a Kickstand.

Also included is a Free Video Manual.

So when you order your Mantis mini tiller, you get a complete tiller package and FREE Shipping.

Oh, there is a two-year Warranty, plus a lifetime warranty on the tines for any breakage.

You may also elect to have the Mantis tiller fully assembled.

Just take it out of the box and you are ready to till and cultivate your garden of roses.

Nothing could be easier!

garden tillers Assembled Mantis Electric Tiller

mantis garden tiller Assembled Mantis 2-Cycle GardenCultivator/Tiller

garden tillers Assembled Mantis 4-Cycle Honda-Powered Tiller

garden tillers Plow Tiller Attachments

garden tillers Mantis Tiller Tines (1 pair)

mantis tiller tines Tiller Tine Detangler

garden tillers Tiller Wheel Set

garden tillers Tiller Gripper Gloves - 2 Pair Men/2 Pair Ladies Size

garden tillers Handy Item Kit 2-Cycle Tiller

Tips For Using The Garden Cultivator

A garden tiller, like the Worlds best Mantis power tiller, is a convenient way to work amendments into the the soil over a large area.

But for a smaller garden bed, use the Mantis mini tiller, also called cultivator, to turn the soil in raised beds and smaller areas.

Avoid excess tilling or working in wet soil.

Till only enough to turn the soil, not pulverize.

When you use your Mantis tiller, it's also a good time to add materials to the soil.

Good soil amendments include composted manure, pine bark, or other high quality compost.

Before using your Mantis tiller, spread amendments over the area in a 2-3 inch layer.

Then using the Mantis tiller, till the amendments such as compost, into your new garden bed, or an existing one.

Till in the material until there are no distinct layers left.


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