Unique Garden Trellis Designs

garden trellis designs

Wrought Iron Metal Garden Trellises

garden trellis designs

Pictures Of All Kinds Of Trellis Designs

Unique garden trellis designs. Victorian, Fleur de lis, Windsor design, and a wonderful romantic garden gate trellis, all for sale at great prices.

If you have smaller climbing roses trained on trellises, they pack lots of color into a limited amount of garden space.

Roses, or vines growing on a trellis is a lovely way to add vertical elements and romance to your garden.

Trellis roses are small well behaved climbers. They don't grow much over 10 feet, and are ideal for training onto smaller trellis arbors,an arbor arch or a flat trellis on a wall.

For arch trellises and arbor trellises, always plant one rose on each side. Train the canes by criss-crossing them all the way up to the top.

This way you will have blooms from top to bottom. Very lovely!

garden trellis designs
Victorian Metal Trellis

garden trellis designs
Arbor Metal

garden trellis designs
Metal Arch Trellis

garden trellis designs
Windsor Arch Trellises

garden trellis designs
Fleur de lis Trio

garden trellis designs
Arbor Trellis With Gate


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