Garden Trellises

garden trellises

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There are many garden trellises to choose from.

Some prefer a metal trellis, then there are the twig trellis and the wire trellis.

Many gardeners who are growing roses, would prefer a vinyl trellis made of PVC because it has no maintenance, and looks like a classic white painted wood trellis.

You can even make your own Trellises & Arbors: Here are over 35 Step-by-step Projects You Can Build, or you can use a trellis kit, available at garden centers.

A trellis is very versatile and can be used against a wall, or as a screen.

Or as a division within a garden, while still allowing air and light to pass through.

Metal Garden Trellis

garden trellises

A Metal Trellis is a more formal type of garden trellis.

It's actually more of a garden sculpture because a metal trellis look good by themselves without any plants climbing over them.

Planter Trellis

garden trellises

A planter trellis is great for a small garden on a balcony, deck or patio where it serves as a privacy trellis as well as a planter for a climbing rose or other climbing vine.

Planter trellises can be bought ready made at garden centers. They come in vinyl as well as wood such as cedar

Wood Trellis

garden trellises

A wood trellis is a commonly used form of climbing roses suport. Wood trellises can be painted or stained to match a color scheme.

They are also very inexpensive and less costly than metal trellises.

Wire Trellis

garden trellises

A wire trellis is probably the easiest of all the trellises to build.

Simply string galvanized wire between posts, about 8-12 inches apart.

Then place your climber in the middle of the posts and train the plant horizontally by tying the canes or vines to the wire using plastic strech tape.

Twig Trellis

garden trellises

I adore twig trellises.

They are so charming and look beautiful in a cottage garden or a country garden.

They are easy to make as well.

I made a twig trellis for my sweet peas and placed it in the middle of my raised vegetable bed.

It really made my vegetable garden look great.

Climbing Rose Trellis

Check out my page about trellises for climbing roses. The picture is from my own garden and the red climbing rose trained on the trellis is the Blaze climbing rose.

Build A Trellis

Building a Trellis is relatively easy.

You can purchase wooden slats and simply staple them together using a staple gun.

Then just spray paint the trellis in the color of your choice.


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