Gardening And Roses

Rose Gardening

If you are new to gardening and roses or just want to brush up and get some new ideas for rose gardening, how to grow roses, and home gardening for plants and shrub roses, this page will give you some tips and ideas.

Here are some creative ideas for gardening with roses, containers with roses, miniatue roses, gardening tips for flowers and roses.

Every size, texture, and shape of garden plants can be mixed together to compliment one another when using roses.

Why not plant herbs and perennials and annuals in the rose garden?

Or the other way around - plant rose shrubs in your perennial garden or herb border.

The art of gardening is to experiment, to try new things.

The possibilities are endless, and it's up to you to discover what's right for you and your garden.

gardening and roses

A Beautifully Landscaped Walkway With Roses

Thanks to the great variety of forms that roses are available in, there are many wonderful uses for them.

These are some of the ways to incorporate roses in a landscape or garden area.

For example, there are climbing roses, miniature roses, shrub roses, groundcover roses etc.

potted rose

Container Gardening Roses

Outdoor living spaces such as patios, decks and balconies are ideal places for container gardening and miniature roses.

Mini roses and miniature climbing roses are especially suited for a container garden on a balcony.

Standard tree roses planted in containers are a great way to add color to any outdoor area, I think they look wonderful in an entryway or along a walkway.

For extra beauty, the standards can be underplanted with annuals such as lobelias, mini petunias or small flowering vine.

gardening and roses

Miniature Roses In A Garden

Hanging baskets planted with miniature roses and small trailing vines add so much charm and interest to your garden areas.

Miniature roses are wonderful for hanging baskets as they keep flowering all season long.

Fertilizing your roses frequently, every 2-3 weeks during the season, will guarantee a great show of rose flowers all summer long.

Keep in mind that hanging baskets dry out fast, so remember to water often. Daily watering during hot weather is a must.

Flowers and roses

Flower And Roses In A Garden

A favorite way with gardening and roses in England is to combine them with perennial flowers.

Because roses bloom all season long, your garden stays attractive and colorful as other flowers come and go.

I adore foxgloves and tall spikes of blue delphiniums as companion planting for roses. Together they are perfect for the cottage garden look that is so enchanting.

Home Gardening Plants, Shrub Roses

groundcover roses

The new tough groundcover roses are ideal for slopes and curb strips.

Their low habit and low maintenance combined with masses of flowers all season long, makes roses the best choice for a groundcover plant.

Many shrub roses and hybrid teas combine well with other flowering shrubs.

They are likely to bloom longer than their companions, so you'll be enjoying a beautiful and colorful garden all season long, instead of a mostly green area for most of the summer.

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roses in a border

Roses in mixed borders

When gardening and roses are concerned remember there are many rose varieties that are suitable for mass plantings in rows, to form hedges and boundary plants.

It's best to plant the bushes in groupings around the foundation.

And for a more stunning effect be sure to always use a single color scheme when planting several rose bushes together.

Start with some simple, familiar plants you know from your local garden center.

Plant a groundcover of lemon-scented thyme under your roses.

When you work in your rose bed, the fragrance of roses will mix wonderfully with the scent of lemon thyme.

With so many possibilities for gardening and roses, everyone can enjoy their beauty and fragrance.



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