Gemini Rose

'Gemini' Hybrid Tea Rose

Rosa Gemini rose is a very popular hybrid tea rose.Gemini' has the most gorgeous cream, blushed light pink with raspberry red edges, rose blooms.

The hybrid tea rose flowers have a classic high center tea rose form. It's a very beautiful rose flower.

The fragrance is a mild, sweet and very pleasant rose scent. It is the winner of AArS 2000 Monza Silver Medal, and earned the Portland Gold Medal in 2003.

gemini rose

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'Gemini' is one of the most popular hybrid tea varieties on the market. The healthy and disease resistant foilige is large, deep green and glossy.

It's a terrific rose for any type landscape. I think it's a must have rose in any garden, especially a cutting garden.

The rose produces it's best size and form in moderate temperatures. The AARS rating is an outstanding 8.2 Zones 5-9, height 4-6 feet.


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