Golden Wings Rose


Best Of The Pale Yellow Roses

Golden Wings rose is a remarkable variety of the pale yellow roses. The picture of yellow roses, gives you a good idea what the flowers look like.

Yellow roses mean friendship, so it's a good idea to include yellow roses in your garden , so you can have a bouquet of yellow roses available to give to your friends. Think of all the money you save, not having to buy yellow roses from the florists.

Picture Of Golden Wings Yellow Roses

golden wings rose

Yellow roses really make your flower beds come alive, and yellow color is so compatible with other colors in your garden.

'Golden Wings' produses large pale yellow flowers with petals that opens like saucers, showing dark yellow stamens. The fragrance is light and very pleasant.

Even though the flowers look delicate, they can withstand wind and rain very well. This rose responds well to deadheading by rewarding you with lots more blooms.

This is an excellent healthy garden rose that looks beautiful in a mixed border with blue delphiniums and other blue, purple or lavender perennial flowers, as well as a few hot pink roses.

The rose bush is vigorous and grows to an average height of 4-5 feet heigh.

It received the America Rose Society Gold Medal in 1958, and the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit in 1993. It was introduced by Shepard, USA, in 1956. Zones 4-9, Height 4-5 feet. About 1.5-2M.


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