Graham Thomas Rose

graham thomas rose

David Austin Rose

Graham Thomas rose, a David Austin rose and one of his best golden roses.

This gorgeous shrub rose is one of the most popular of the English roses, and it's also one of the most versatile.

Its plump buds range in color from peach to red.

The flowers are usually a deep golden yellow when new, aging to a lighter yellow.

The flowers are very fragrant and smell like fresh Tea roses. One bloom period can produce fifty to sixty stems.

In my garden, there is a picture below, the shrub grows to over six feet tall, and if your climate is warm and you refrain from pruning the rose bush, it will grow into a climber.

graham thomas rose

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The picure above of this large 'Graham Thomas' rose bouquet, really shows the beauty of the flowers.

I love golden roses in a flower arrangement, and this rose will produce plenty of blooms for indoor vases.

This golden English rose is wonderfully heat resistant and it looks very impressive in the garden.

'Graham Thomas' has large leaves that are bright mid green to pale green.

graham thomas rose

Here is another idea for planting this climber.

Doesn't it look lovely planted by the front entrance of a house?

graham thomas rose

The picture above shows the rose growing in my garden.

I really enjoy this rose and have never had any disease on it, however, some people in cooler climates have said it can get a touch of blackspot.

But not too severe, and the rose responds well to the Baking Soda Solution spray.

The plant grows to about 13-16 feet (4-5m) in hot climates, but it's a bit difficult to train as a climber because it has a very upright habit.

However it's fantastic for a tri-pod or a pillar as a centerpiece in a garden bed.

It responds well to feeding and watering, especially in hot climates, by producing ever-larger flowers so frequently as to be perpetual flowering; it repeat blooms that well. Hardy to Zone 5.


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