Grandiflora Roses

Grandifloras Rose Bushes

Grandiflora Roses: Here are the top rated grandiflora varieties that you can grow in your garden.

The grandiflora is a modern rose and related to the hybrid tea rose, because the hybrid tea was crossed with a floribunda to create the grandiflora class in 1954.

grandiflora roses

'About Face' Grandiflora, Courtesy of Fort Worth Rose Society

Grandifloras produce very large blooms - the term "grandiflora" means large-flowered in the Latin language.

The other difference between the hybrid tea roses is that the grandifloras produce three to five perfect flowers per stem.

Hybrid teas only grow one bloom per stem.

The most famous and most popular of the grandifloras is the "Queen Elizabeth Rose", a tall hardy rose that is covered with gorgeous pink blooms nearly all summer.

This grandiflora is great to use as a focal point in your garden.

Don't stick it in the back of a flower border, because you'll want to be able to enjoy the beautiful blooms up close.

queen elizabeth rose

'Queen Elizabeth' Grandiflora

Underplant your grandifloras with some low-growing hardy perennial geraniums, or even some low growing annuals to show them off at their best.

Grandiflora Rose Varieties

About Face: Golden orange blooms with a light apple scent. Does well in all climates.

Candleabra: Salmon pink flowers with a musky, sweet fragrance.

Cherry Parfait: Creamy white, edged in red blooms with a slight fragrance.

Crimson Bouquet: Dark gernet red flowers with a slight fragrance.

Dream Come True: A yellow blend with red edges rose flowers amd a mild rose scent.

Honey Dijon: Golden brown shadings on blooms with an intense, fruity fragrance.

Maria Shriver: Pure white flowers with s strong citrus scent.

Melody Parfumee: Dark lavendar plum blooms with an intense damask fragrance.

Earth Song: Ruby pink flowers that pales with age and a medium rose fragrance.

Fame: Elegant cherry pink blooms with a light scent.

Mother of Pearl: Light pink flowers and a lovely rose fragrance.

Octoberfest: Creamy orange-red blooms with a slight fruity scent.

Prima Donna: Deep fuchsia pink flowers with a slight fragrance.

Queen Elizabeth: Clear, medium pink blooms with a moderate scent.

Radiant Perfume: Golden yellow flowers with an intense citrus fragrance.

Strike It Rich: Deep golden yellow blooms edged with orange and pink with an intense, sweet, spicy scent.

Tournament of Roses: Light coral with deep pink reverse and a slight fragrance.

Wild Blue Yonder: Purplish lavender blooms with an intense citrus scent.


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