Growing Climbing Roses

growing climbing roses

Climbing Rose Varieties

Growing climbing roses and planting different climbing rose varieties are dramatic ways to use roses in your landscape.

Adding height to your garden with climbing roses elevates the flowers to eye level and higher, creating a vertical display that's a feast for the eyes.

Climbing roses in a garden, such as the old fashion red 'Blaze' climbing rose or the pink 'Eden'climbing rose, adds a romantic touch and a vision of beauty to your garden.

There are many ways to incorporate climbers into the garden, including fences, walls, trellises, arbors pergolas and gazebos. If you have the space, you can even grow roses up the trunk of a tree.

One Climbing rose that I really love, is the Blush Noisette rose, it's just takes your breath away, and the fragrance is delicious.

growing climbing roses

Isn't this a wonderful picture of the pink climbing Eden rose interplanted with the fragrant white Jasmine vine and a brilliant red Bougainvillea on the front facade of this lovely home? I just love it.

How To Grow Climbing Roses

growing climbing roses

Roses for Fences and Walls

growing climbing roses

The pictore of climbing 'Blaze' rose makes this plain white picket fence look fabulous.

Consider turning a white fence, a weather worn split-rail fence or an unsightly chain link fence, into a wall of color. Lush foilage can fill in the spaces and the long canes produced by climbers can be woven neatly in and out of the support as they grow. For best results, plant one variety at regular 4-5 feet intervals, and the inter-twining canes will eventually turn into a solid wall of color and beauty.

Proper grooming and training over a few years will create a most charming and stunning effect.

growing climbing roses

The picture above shows the 'Westerland' rose climbing on a white fence. The bright apricot orange flowers are a colorful addition to any garden. The double ruffled blooms have wonderful rose fragrance. This is a medium climber that is perfect for fences or walls. Zones 5-10.

growing climbing roses

Here is a great picture of Mlle Cecile Brunner climbing rose that has been groomed and trained on an open wrought iron fence. It's is quite spectacular and beautiful to look at.

To cover a wall in the garden, train the canes into postion using supports. On masonary walls, use eyebolts with wires arranged horizontally to tie the canes to. Or put up a trellis or lattice frame, and tie the canes to it with rose tape. If you add hinges, it will allow you to remove the trellis for house painting. 'New Dawn' rose, 'Blaze' rose and 'Zephirine Drouhin' rose, are all suited for training up a wall.

Best Roses for Fences and Walls

America, Angel face Climbing, Blaze, Autumn Sunset, Berries "N" Cream, Don Juan, Fourth of July, Iceberg Climbing, Josephs Coat, Mlle Cecile Brunner, Henry Kelsey, Royal Sunset, Westerland, New Dawn, Zephirine Drouhin.

growing climbing roses

Roses for Pillars and Posts

growing climbing roses

The picture shows the lovely white Sally Holmes rose climbing up two posts by the front door of this house. I just love how it looks.

Growing climbing roses on pillars and posts is another way to add interest and beauty to your garden. A number of climbing rose varieties perform wonderfully when trained to wrap around a pillar or post. This allows you to create columns of color rising from mixed flower beds and borders.

growing climbing roses

The picure shows a tripod used as a pillar in a garden bed. The climbing rose is the 'Dream Weaver' climbing rose. The cracefully arching canes produce flower clusters of 3-4 inch bright coral pink blooms that have an old rose fragrance that is very lovely. Zones 4-11, 10-12 feet high.

growing climbing roses

Here is another example of growing roses,a Mlle Cecile Brunner climbing rose trained on a pillar in the front garden.

True climbers are not suited for this purpose, as they are too large and their canes are stiff and hard to wind. Try the pillar type rose varieties such as the red 'Don Juan', yellow 'Golden Showers', coral pink 'Dream Weaver'or the multi colored 'Josephs Coat'.

Best Roses for Pillars and Posts

In addition to the above: Altissimo, Rainbows End Climbing, Eden (pierre de Ronsard), Paprika, Sally Holmes, Royal Sunset.

growing climbing roses

Roses for Arbors and Pergolas

Arbors and pergolas are perfect for growing climbing roses. What could be a more perfect way to highlight roses in a garden setting than with a rose covered archway as an entrance? Plant two climbing rose bushes of the same variety on each side of an arbor or arch, and then train their canes to go over the top and down the other sides.

growing climbing roses

The picture above is one of my favorite pictures of roses on arbors. Here the climbing Eden rose (Pierre de Ronsard) is sharing a beautifully crafted arbor with a red Blaze which has just started to bloom.

What a beautiful way growing climbing roses!

This combination of canes from both sides of the support produces a magnificent display of roses all around it. Be sure to start criss-crossing the canes at the bottom of each side,and continue criss-crossing all the way up, tying them to the support as they grow. This method for growing climbing roses, will prevent the rose from blooming just at the top. I promise you you will have a very stunning display if you train the roses this way when growing climbing roses.

growing climbing roses

The arbor in the picture above has the Mlle Cecile Brunner climbing rose trained over it. The white Iceberg rose bushes frames the arbor and hides the bare canes of the climber. This is a very exiting way for growing climbing roses.

Best Roses for Arbors and Pergolas

Aloha, America, Don Juan, Dublin Bay, Golden Showers, Mlle Cecile Brunner, New Dawn, Sombreuil, Zephirine Drouhin, Eden (Pierre de Ronsard), Balze.


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